Triple Moon Pink Calcite Offering Bowl



This lovely Triple-Moon shaped offering bowl is made of Pink Calcite. 

The triple moon symbolizes the cycles of our life. Through several cycles, we acquire the true knowledge. Associated with dreams and the bearing of new projects or children.

Pink calcite is connected to the heart. The stone of self-love and wellness, Pink Calcite fills the space with a relaxing, clearing and revitalizing vibration. The Pink Calcite Moon is perfect for home decor or a gift for any avid crystal collectors. The Pink Calcite or Mangano Calcite is a beautiful crystal mined from Pakistan. It enhances the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra to the Heart Chakra which attracts new opportunities to learn Universal Love.

It is calming to hold in your hand during meditation or energy work and it unblocks the energy of compassion and forgiveness in its vicinity. It is ideal for use by healers and counsellors as it helps them develop a strong, energetic bond with their patients with the right flow of healing vibrations. 

Please note: No two pieces are alike. Each one will slightly vary in size, shape and colour. Product received may not be exactly as shown. If you have specific concerns, please notify us when you place your order. Assorted crystals not included.


  • From Pakistan
  • Measures approximately 3" x 5"
  • Natural pink calcite
  • Assorted crystals not included