Pink Kunzite - Afghanistan

Pink Kunzite - Afghanistan

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This pink stone has been found in a number of locations including the USA, Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Australia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is a variety of Spodumene, and it comes in various colors including yellow, green and a lovely lilac color.

Often called the Woman's stone, Pink Kunzite is particularly supportive for a young or first time mother and for all single mothhers. It assists human as well as animal mothers who may have a hard time caring for their young. It is a good stone for sleepless babies and over-active children, and is an excellent gift for girls entering puberty to help them love their changing bodies. This pink stone encourages you to open yourself to unconditional love. You may balance your emotions and feel more open and trusting, when you allow this vibration to help you to open yourself to love on all levels, including self love. It also aids love within relationships and with close friends and family, love of nature and of animals and Divine love. As this stone contains lithium, this aids it to be calming to the emotions, so they supply an excellent means to relieve your stress.

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