Rainbow Aura Amethyst Cylinder



Rainbow Amethyst, or Titanium Aura Quartz as it is sometimes referred to, has the ability to enhance our aura & activates & opens all our Chakras. This wonderful crystal allows us to access our Kundalini energy, which charges our body while simultaneously restoring peace & balance to our entire being. It is known to enhance our psychic abilities, awaken our creativity, & promote astral travel while nourishing our life force energy.

Affirmation: My soul is connected to all that was, is and will forever be.

Aura Amethyst is one the few man-altered crystals to be widely approved of and used by healers. While the process of creating Aura Amethyst is done by man, the enchanting colour is a natural phenomenon and unlike dyed or synthetic crystals, Aura Amethyst is altered in a way that is permanent. Essentially, a new crystal is created rather than just a colour effect. For this reason, Aura Amethyst is thought to retain the healing properties of Amethyst and take on the properties of Titanium & Gold, truly a crystal of synergy!

Please note: The stock we receive may fluctuate in size, shape and colouring. Product received may not be exactly as shown. If you have specific concerns, please notify us when you place your order. Sold individually.


  • Sign: All
  • Element: Fire & Storm
  • Sold individually; priced per one cylinder
  • Unique pieces; no two will be identical
  • Natural Amethyst cluster heat infused with Titanium & Gold
  • From in Brazil
  • Measures approximately 5 - 6cm tall