Jabou Love (Apple Blossom) Ritual Incense Oil



Use this Ritual Incense Oil to call upon Love.

In rituals or spells, one can find Apple Blossom oil greatly useful in trying to create peace of mind and draw happiness into your life. Standing alone or used in a ritual, our Apple Blossom oil can also be used to craft a general sense of contentment bringing love, friendship, happiness, & success into your life.

Necessary tools for the ritual:
Pink candle, ritual oil, an oil burner, a bowl, parchment paper, scissors, red pen, petals of rose and hibiscus, and (optional) Archangel Haniel pentacle. Ritual instructions included with the oil.


  • 15 ml bottle with dropper
  • Made in India
  • All natural & pure
  • Synthetic and carcinogenic free
  • Not food grade; do not take orally