Helm of Awe Rose Wood Faux Plug Earrings

Helm of Awe Rose Wood Faux Plug Earrings

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These faux plug earrings are carved from Rose Wood and feature the Helm of Awe that has been delicately carved onto each.  These beauties are sure to have everyone fooled into thinking you are wearing real plugs! Crafted from salvaged wood, they are definitely one of a kind and also light as a feather. The Helm of Awe is one of the most powerful protective Viking symbols used not only for the purpose of protection from disease, but even to encourage all people who might suffer from depression or anxiety. The Helm of Awe gives physical protection, as well as spiritual and mental strength to conquer one’s own fear. A mainstay of Norse mythology, runes are powerful tools representing divination and opening up psychic awareness.


  • Features a surgical steel pin that screws into the opposite end
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Carved out of recycled, reclaimed and sustainably harvested material
  • A fair trade product
  • Sold as a pair.