Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism: The Blueprint for Creation

Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism: The Blueprint for Creation

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At some point in our lives we ask ourselves, what is our purpose? What is life's meaning? Why do we exist? Humankind's search for meaning has been the impetus for the disciplines of science and religion. While religion espouses a belief of a greater, all-encompassing infinite consciousness, science seeks the mysteries of the creation of the universe and life through strictly observable and repeatable data. But what if both are correct? There is evidence that the "knowing" of spirituality can be unified with the observations of science through two geometric symbols consisting of the triangle and the arc and their aspects. Author Carroll shows how, through the millenniums, religions have intuited the importance of these shapes and incorporated their symbolism throughout their beliefs, while these same shapes have been found by modern science to be the essence of life and the cosmos. This shared geometry is not mere coincidence. Unifying Spirit and Science through Geometry and Symbolism, Carroll builds upon the importance of shape and symbol throughout history, religion, and science, beginning with Moses and culminating with the Age of Aquarius. He reviews the symbolism of the Pythagorean Tetractys, the pyramids of Egypt, the Star of David, Chaos theory fractals, our very DNA, and much more. In the study of our collective symbolism through the eyes of both science and spirituality, we find ourselves in relation to the whole, and our respective parts to play in this awe-inspiring universe of life.


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