Traditional Smudge Kit

Traditional Smudge Kit

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Smudging is a sacred tradition, it’s history tracing back centuries and spanning a myriad of different cultures. Sage is a holy plant that has been used for smudging to cleanse and purify. Negative energies get trapped in the smoke and then ascend to the heavens, leaving purified space suitable for healing & positive energies to emerge. Our ancestors, without the benefit of modern science, understood that Sage has physical healing properties as well, and it has now been proven to have antibacterial properties that will cleanse your physical space as well as your metaphysical.

To cleanse using Sage, start by opening all doors and windows. Burn the stick or small pile of loose leaves in an abalone shell or heat proof receptacle. Start the cleanse from the entrance carrying on from each room. Use the feather to fan the smoke around, putting a lot of focus in areas that feel heavy. Crystals also pick up energy around them constantly, you can and should cleanse crystals before setting an intention. To cleanse a crystal, fully enfold it in smoke of the holy plant. Then set your intention for that particular crystal. Repeat when your space or crystals are feeling dull and heavy again. When you have finished smudging with sage, light the sweetgrass candle to lock in the positive energy.

Handcrafted in Canada by a native owned business in British Columbia. This kit contains a small leather wrapped turkey feather and a mini bundle of sage. Complete instructions for a thorough smudge are included.



  • Each kit has been handcrafted and is unique
  • Sage bundle measures 2" long
  • Natural turkey feather 4" long
  • Comes with instructions
  • Made in Canada