Round Selenite Crystal Charging Plate

Round Selenite Crystal Charging Plate

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Glowing white selenite gemstone charging plate. Selenite is powerful enough to clear negative energies out of all stones and crystals. Selenite is also unique in that it is the only mineral capable of programming quartz crystals. Place any crystal or gemstone you have been working with in the bowl and it will clean out any energies present and recharge all of your crystals and stones. 

Selenite is a crown chakra gemstone that is superb for meditation and spiritual work. Physically, selenite is used to promote flexibility, neutralize mercury poisoning, and align the spinal column. It never needs recharging. Selenite expands your awareness, helps you enter a meditative state, and increases telepathic abilities.

Please do not immerse your selenite in water as it will eventually dissolve the mineral.



  • From Morocco
  • Measures 4" across
  • 3/4" thick
  • Stone- Selenite
  • To initially cleanse, let the full moon charge 
  • Do not immerse in water