Selenite Sphere 12"

Selenite Sphere 12"

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Selenite is named after the Greek word for moon and contrary to popular belief, it contains no siginificant selenium. Selenite is a form of fibrous and crystallized gypsum, of which there are three other varieties; satin spar, desert rose and gypsum flower. These four varieties are sometimes grouped together under the name selenite. It is a very soft stone that can bend and be scratched easily.

Selenite is a stone of mental clarity. This clarity enhances mental flexibility and enables strong decision making abilities. Selenite is also a stone of truth and honesty making it perfect for both business and love relationships. Selenite is also great at removing energy blocks, particularly from the physical and etheric bodies. It can also remove energy blocks in the bodies of other crystals and stones. This makes it excellent for enhancing the properties of other stones and for clearing and charging them.

Selenite has a very calming energy and with its association to the moon and the third eye chakra, it can help one tap into the energies of the unconscious, instinct, subconscious, and emotional well-being.  The moon association also brings water energy to the fore, creating the flexibility and intuition.



  • Sold individually
  • Diameter- 4"
  • Weight- 904 grams
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth or rinse under water to keep clean
  • Charge by the light of the full moon