Spiral Didgeridoo

Spiral Didgeridoo

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The spiral didgeridoo is a modern type of non-traditional didgeridoo. The length of the didgeridoo is curled into a spiral, and is designed for portability – hence it is a type of travel didgeridoo. It has the same drone sound as the traditional didgeridoo, but the spiral didgeridoo is an innovation because it is not a Eucalyptus branch hollowed out by termites. 

The spiral didgeridoo has several other names, including spiral didge, spiralidoo and    didgehorn. Like the traditional didgeridoo, it is classified by musicologists as an aerophone. 

It is played in the same way as traditional didgeridoos and circular breathing can also be used to create continual sound. In comparison to the normal didgeridoo the spiral didgeridoo requires less breath pressure to play because of the increase in back pressure created by the spiral of the pipe increasing air friction. This means that the spiral didgeridoo is easier to play than the traditional didgeridoo because it does not require as large a lung capacity as the traditional didgeridoo.

The primary drone sound is generated by the vibrating lips, and the spiral pipe amplifies the sound. The embouchure is also the same as traditional didgeridoo, and pitch variation is achieved by modulating the lip tension. Overtones are also created with the spiral didgeridoo by changing the mouth geometry and tongue position, and the vocal tract is used to increase the tonal variation and make sounds. 

The basic shape of the spiral didgeridoo is an Archimedean spiral with a flared exit of the pipe. Spiral didgeridoos are usually constructed by sawing a selected block of wood into two halves; carving out the hollow spiral pipe; and gluing it back together to form the basic instrument. They are usually made in Indonesia, and can be plain or decorated. The two woods most commonly used for the instruments construction are jackfruit, Artocarpus heterophyllus, which has yellow coloured wood; and, sono, Pterocarpus indicus, which is a dark coloured wood. 



  • Hand made in Indonesia
  • Measures approximately 11" diameter and 12" at the highest point
  • Protect from extreme temperatures