Stainless Steel Pentacle Chalice



Our 12 oz. food grade stainless steel chalice features the printed image of a Pentacle. The chalice’s stem has a molded sculptured design which adds a splash of elegance to the cup's overall appeal. This chalice will add a touch of old world charm to any table or altar.

The pentacle is a symbol of protection. Most religions on Earth attribute special powers to number 5, which represents the human body, 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 pillars etc. There are also 5 virtues, Love, Wisdom, Truth, Kindness, Justice. It is in the efforts that we make to manifest these 5 virtues that the Divine protection, usually attributed to the pentacle, becomes effective. Long ago, it was considered by Pythagoreans as a symbol of beauty and harmony.


  • Measures 7" high
  • Made in India
  • Food grade stainless steel