Stone Chip Gemstone Pendulum



Product Details

Pendulums are very unique form of creation to connect to your inner self. It is something which will connect you to your higher self and help you guide in making some very important decisions in life. Learn more about our pendulums and how they can help you!

These pendulums have one main gemstone throughout. You can choose from 9 different stones to suit your purpose and your preference!

  • Amethyst - inner peace, harmony, balance & protection
  • Blue Aventurine - a calmingstone , used in healing & balancing emotions
  • Black Tourmaline - powerful grounding stone, provides connection between earth and and human spirit
  • Carnelian - stabalizing stone with high energy, restores vitality & motivation and stimulates creativity
  • Citrine - attracts abundance, opens intuition, optimism, joy, confidence & emotional clarity
  • Clear Quartz - powerful healing & amplifier, absorbs and releases energy, clears energy blockages
  • Garnet - brings courage and hope in times of trouble, activates & strengthens instincts, warming crystal
  • Labradorite - magic stone, awakens mystical & psychic powers, protection from negativity, reconnects you with earth's positive energies
  • Tiger Eye - protection against ill wishes, will focus the mind, promote mental clarity & assist us to resolve problems objectively with unclouded emotions