Success & Prosperity Ritual Kit

$14.00 $34.95


Create a ritual for success and prosperity in any endeavour!

Prior to starting the ritual, dress the candle with the anointing oil. Light the candle and incense, then anoint yourself, magical tools, charms, amulets, etc. with the anointing oil as you perform your ritual.

Contains: 1 Success & Prosperity Beeswax Spell Candle, 1 Success & Prosperity Loose Incense, 1 Wealth Anointing Oil, 1 charcoal disc.

  • Anointing oil is used to anoint candles, charms, and your body to attract all manners of wealth. Handcrafted in Canada with organic essential oils.
  • Loose Incense is handcrafted in Canada with organic resins, herbs, woods and essential oils.
  • Beeswax candle has been carefully handcrafted in Canada from pure beeswax and a lead free wick.