Thunder Tube
Thunder Tube
Thunder Tube
Thunder Tube

Thunder Tube

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Let the Thunder Roll with this fun Thunder Tube! Hand made in Indonesia, this tube really gives off a wild rumble of thunder! Made from a very thick cardboard tube, a plastic topping and metal spring, you hold the tube with the spring hanging on the bottom and give it a light shake, before you know it you've created thunder! Each tube has a hand painted gecko on it with the background of greens and black in colour. Pair this piece with one of our Rain Sticks, and you got yourself a storm!

Can be used as a calming tool, musical instrument, or just for fun!



  • Hand made in Indonesia
  • Measures 7.5" long
  • Metal spring hangs 14" long
  • Hand painted gecko
  • Background colours are Black and Green
  • Weight 102 grams
  • Sounds likes thunder when shaken
  • Made from a thick cardboard tube, Metal spring and plastic top