Tiger Eye Chakra Pendulum

Tiger Eye & Chakra Pendulum

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This beautiful pendulum is made from Tiger Eye. The chain, which has a lobster claw clasp and chakra colored beads, can be easily attached or removed from the pendulum. A cluster of stones are attached to the chains end for slip free handling.

Tiger Eye is a grounding Stone, enhance integrity, willpower, and correct use of power. When we are empowered it is easier to make our own decision, letting go of the past to move toward new beginnings. Many health and emotional matters can be solved by balancing one's chakras. The Chakra pendulum, with its seven stones, is a helpful tool to detect and repair chakras imbalances. It can also help find the color of the aura and unblock energies.

Pendulums are very unique form of creation to connect to your inner self. It is something which will connect you to your higher self and help you guide in making some very important decisions in life. Learn more about our pendulums and how they can help you!

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