Tribal Carved Bone Hoop & Stick Earrings

$7.49 $14.99


Love the look and feel of these all natural, bone earrings. Simple, funky and hand carved from bone with matching pins that keep your earrings securely in place all day long.



We ensure that no animal is ever killed or harmed for our organic jewelry. All of our buffalo horn and bone comes from remote areas on the island of Sulawesi and Sumatra where locals, still in ways of ancient tradition eat buffalo meat as part of their daily food. Under strict supervision of local wildlife and animal protective organizations we buy the bone and horn from communities that otherwise have no use for it and the bones and horns are just a bi-product from their eating habits.

  • Made from lightweight Buffalo bone
  • Measures 19mm in diameter
  • 100% hypo-allergenicHand carved in Bali, Indonesia
  • Recommended to be removed before sleeping
  • Sold as a pair


  • Fits regular sized piercings