Vanilla Creme Peace Tree Wax Melt



Product Details

Just as the name suggests you will be surrounded by the warm scent of vanilla when you light this candle. The Vanilla Bean has a calming fragrance used for centuries as a healing aroma. A scent that is often asscotiated with home, food, security, and pleasurea, vanilla's fragrance envokes a sense of well-being. Made with 100% pure Soy and vanilla essential oils.

To use place one or two squares on top of a burner. place a tealight in the base and light. The warmth from the tealight will slowly warm the wax, releasing its pleasing scent all around you. When you are finished simply low the tealight out and relight when desired. Wax remaining in the top basin can be used again and again until completely gone. Designed to work perfectly with any of our essential oil & wax burners. This is a fair trade item hand made and poured in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Southern Ontario. 6 squares in a pack.