White Sage & Cedar Smudge Cleansing Stick

White Sage & Cedar Smudge Cleansing Stick

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This smudge stick is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals, wild crafted in a sustainable way. Cedar leaves are combined with the sage stick which produces a lovely, natural forest scent.

Smudging is a sacred tradition, it’s history tracing back centuries and spanning a myriad of different cultures. Sage is a holy plant that has been used for smudging to cleanse and purify. Negative energies get trapped in the smoke and then ascend to the heavens, leaving purified space suitable for healing & positive energies to emerge. Our ancestors, without the benefit of modern science, understood that Sage has physical healing properties as well, and it has now been proven to have antibacterial properties that will cleanse your physical space as well as your metaphysical. 

A member of the mint family, white sage is an aromatic evergreen shrub with tall woody stems and tiny white flowers that are a favourite food of bees. Salvia apiana is found wild in a specialized habitat consisting of sunny, arid slopes located in southern California and northwestern Mexico. Our white sage is always consciously collected with permission from private lands located in Baja, California.

Due to increased popularity, pressures from human development, and changing climate conditions, Salvia apiana is at risk for overharvest and listed on the Untied Plant Savers “To Watch” list. Aware of these pressures on wild populations, we are dedicated to offering sustainably & organically cultivated white sage in an effort to preserve this respected botanical for future generations and increase ecological resiliency. 

White sage has been an important botanical for many indigenous cultures. For centuries, the plant was used in a variety of traditional methods including for its healthful qualities as well as in ceremonial use. Hilltribe Ontario recognizes the long-established cultural and spiritual significance white sage holds for many tribes and the stewardship that has ensued for generations.



  • Sustainably harvested White Buffalo Sage & Cedar
  • Grown in USA, packaged in Canada
  • Approximately 4" long
  • Not for internal consumption