Dragon's Blood Smudge Cleansing Stick

Dragon's Blood Smudge Cleansing Stick

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This healing bundle combines ethically sourced White Sage with Dragon's Blood resin to form a powerful spiritual cleansing and protection smudge stick.

Dragons Blood resin has long been used for purification and protection purposes. It is used to drive away negative energy and spirits and is believed to assist in attracting what you wish for.

This smudge stick is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals, grown and made in USA, wild crafted in a sustainable way. The art of smudging has a long tradition with Native Americans. Used to cleanse, protect or heal, the herbs in the smudge have beneficial properties and help reconnecting with the power of our Mother Earth. 

Dragon's Blood sage is a great way of meditating for grounding and centering yourself during metaphysical seessions. Welcome the sage by slowly burning the leaves while envisioning your intentions with pure elation of promising intentions and purification. 



  • Sustainably harvested White Buffalo Sage from California
  • Dipped in Dragon's  Blood resin
  • Packaged in Canada
  • Measures 4" long
  • Not for internal consumption