Zebra Onyx Sphere 16cm



Zebra Onyx is a protective stone, activating inner strength, willpower, and courage. It absorbs and transmutes low vibrations within people or places. Promotes persistence, concentration, and positive thinking.

This Zebra Onyx Sphere radiates its powerful energy uniformly in all directions. Ideal to hold during meditation to activate the Root Chakra. Perfect to place at home or in the office to complement décor as well as attract good luck and stability. Amazing to gift to loved ones to help attune to the frequency of beauty and love.

Each Sphere has a unique Zebra pattern making it unique in its own lovely way. 

IMPORTANT: Spheres are measured with a measuring tape AROUND the circumference. While there may be a slight variance in the circumference measurement it will be minimal. 


  • From Mexico
  • 16cm in circumference
  • 178g in weight
  • Each is uniquely beautiful in colour and design