Natural Clear Quartz Point



Affirmation:   I am submerged in eternal light.

Clear quartz is our 'master healer'. This 'Stone of Power' is a gift from the universe to help us reach enlightenment through higher vibration. It cleanses us at every level & has the ability to enhance mental clarity, help with emotional stability, & is popular in meditation & restorative work. Used frequently for manifestation, it creates more focus & clarity. It protects & can be used to amplify psychic abilities.

Quartz points radiate energy into the area around them and are useful for absorbing any negative energy. The points act as a ray of light, beaming positivity into your environment. They enhance feelings of harmony, balance and joy within your space, as well as help the energy of their environment remain positive. These crystals are also one of the best crystals to clear and clean the energy of a room and the energy of other crystals. It helps to remove all energy blockages and negative energy to purify the energy of the space.

Please note: These points are sold individually. Each point is unique in shape, texture and appearance. Item you receive may not be exact as shown.


  • Sign : All signs
  • Element : all elements including ether
  • Sold individually
  • Due to the natural material, each piece is unique and never identical
  • From in Brazil
  • Natural semi-precious stone point
  • Measures approximately 1" to 2"