Job Opportunities


If you are still interested in working for Hilltribe in the future, we welcome you to bring a cover letter & resume into the store or email to We can keep it on file for our next opening ✌️😁


 We are currently looking for one Part-time Retail Associate!



Are YOU looking for part-time work in retail?  You are?!  Wonderful, because Hilltribe in the Station Mall is looking for a mature, responsible and dedicated individual to join our team.

  • Do you like to check your phone while at work?
  • Do you like to stand around and socialize with friends and family during your shift?
  • Or would you prefer to sit down and just let customers help themselves?
  • Do you love to be able to draw pictures on dusty shelves?

Well, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, this is definitely NOT the job for you!

This job requires:

  • someone who is hard working, dedicated, loyal and strives to only provide the best customer service at all times
  • can work 3-4 shifts per week with at least 2 closing shifts (8pm) & and one weekend shift
  • is comfortable working alone & 100% trustworthy
  • is comfortable working 6 hour shifts on their feet without sitting down
  • is able to climb ladders to get way up high to change light bulbs as well as grab stock
  • can receive and unpack shipments
  • is comfortable working with cash
  • able to clear garbage & cardboard and take them to the appropriate areas within the mall
  • is great at multi-tasking and doesn't mind tackling weekly cleaning duties
  • will always stop what task you are doing to help customer(s) as soon as they come into the store
  • does not get easily intimidated

If you are able to meet these requirements we would love to meet you! Bring your resume & cover-letter into Hilltribe today. 💛

We look forward to meeting you!