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Love it

From Grief to Healing
Rose Leis (CA)

From Grief to Healing


Lovely bracelet 😍

Black Samaya Pants
Ruthy O’Brien (CA)

Black Samaya Pants

Occult Tarot
Karolina Biel (CA)
Stunning cards

When purchasing this deck I really didn’t realize how beautiful it would be. The edges are covered in a beautiful metallic red, the size of the cards are perfect for smaller hands. I think this deck is pretty beginner friendly since all of the definitions are directly printed on the cards. This is a must buy for tarot card collectors.

Love it 💜

Love these so much 😇 the scent is amazing.
Thank you.

happy substitution

Very happy to have this in spray form. The rosemary adds a nice scent to it. Its great to use when I am unable to no longer breathe in smoke from smudge of any kind, yet still able to clean up the energy this way. Also safe and acceptable in using in shared office spaces! A plus for sure! Please keep this product in stock in your wonderful lil gem of a store!

happy substitution

I so appreciate coming across this in spray form as I was no longer able to burn the actual sticks in my husband's office. I also am not good with inhaling any kind of smoke now as well , so anything like this in spray form is helpful! Please continue to sell this in your wonderful store!

This really helped me feel grounded and opened up my chakras

Beautiful kit

I'm very excited to learn more about using my pendulum, still new to it! 😊


Beautiful colours, amazing customer service, and highest quality. Highly recommend!!


I love this and have been enjoying writing in it, I'm using it as my journal/diary. When it's full I'm getting another one 😊

I purchased many stones from Hilltribe, however, recently I purchased orange calcite To add to my Chakra meditation cleansing healing and guidance. It is a great stone to aid in balancing your sacral Chakra and also an excellent stone for your solar plex Chakra. I have found this stone extremely beneficial in my spiritual awakening and Chakra balancing and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to aid meditation and/or Chakra healing/balancing/cleansing. Thanks again to Hilltribe for guiding me through my spiritual awakening and experiences. This store is a must see. The moment I stepped foot into the store I felt the energy though my whole body. Please take the time to see if you can be enlighted as I was.

Olive Ella Overalls
Phillis Robertson (CA)

Olive Ella Overalls

Five stars

Super cute, lots of pockets and storage space, good size


Super amazing quality, super cute and comfy


Love these! This is the second one I bought. comfortable, can dress them up or down.

comfy and cute

they are so comfy, and they fit really nicely

Beautiful unique gift

Beautiful little box with black velvet inside as well to show off the stones I also purchased as a gift to young family to inspire their new journey in life. I just love it and will be back again to look for unique items for myself too. They loved it. I had a great conversation with the person working that night. What a positive place. Thank you.

Tiny Palm Marley Jumpsuit
Elise Orlando (CA)

The first romper I have ever purchased - ever. I love it and am glad I chose Hilltribe. Good quality and super comfy :)

Crystal pendulum

Birthday present for my daughter. She loved having this new addition to her collection of tarot cards and predictive items. Fast personalized delivery. My go to place for incense , mystical items etc.

Love it!

Good quality and exactly as pictured. Very happy with it!

Palmistry Hand Ring Holder
Michelle Popp (CA)
Love it!!

I am using it in my clinic room for people to place their jewelry in before their massage. It looks great. Thank you.

Mini Spell Ritual Candles
Emily Klemm (CA)
This store is magical!

This little treasure of a store brings so much happiness to me. The environment is so peaceful & the staff are so friendly! Since being on my spiritual journey, I have found this store so helpful! I highly recommend this store to all the beautiful souls out there!

Natural Deodorant
Deborah Woodley (CA)
Natural Scents

I purchased the cedar deodorant ! I love it ! Smelling like home ! I’m free m BC. I also love the whipped vanilla body butter - I smell like cake!!!