Hilltribe Ontario was born in 1998 thanks to the vision of our founder, super-hero, goddess & matriarch, Janice Martineau.  Our goal has always been to provide sustainably sourced and fair trade items made by artisans from around the globe.

A great deal of care goes into every item that we offer, from us sourcing out only the best ethical suppliers to the gifted & talented artists that put them together. At Hilltribe you will find a wide range of offerings including; beautiful and powerful crystals, unique and diverse books and decks covering a multitude of interests, unique jewelry, a large variety of incense, sage and sprays, handmade and high-quality women’s clothing, and home decor. We love every item that we offer and hope that you will as well!

We believe that Hilltribe is a true example of what small, family business looks like. Everything offered is done so with love and respect for the people from the many cultures and countries who make and source out these treasures.

We are so excited that you are here and will be joining us on this journey!

Lana & Janice xo

P.S. If you have any questions, feedback, funny jokes, stories or just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to reply to reach out to us via email or social media. We'd love to hear from you!

Janice and Lana Martineau, co-owners of Hilltribe Ontario
First time customer absolutely blown away by the care, love and effort that they fit into the package. I am truly impressed by the quality of everything I ordered and am already planning my next purchase. Thank you to the wonderful family who runs such a beautiful store, I'm wishing you all an abundance of blessings.  H. Harding