Happy Defence Protection Sacred Smudge Kit


This kit helps to balance, purify, clear and cleanse away negative or stuck energies in your life, and protect you from harmful electro-magnetic frequencies. 

This Happy Defence Protection Smudge Kit contains a Sage smudge stick, a Palo Santo wood stick, an Abalone Shell, a smudging feather, loose Sage leaves, an essential oil votive candle, 3 tumbled protection stone crystals, and a full colour smudging guide with prayers included. 

The Protection Shield 4 Elements are brought together with the holy wood from the sacred Earth Palo Santo tree, Abalone shell from the Sea, Fire when burning the votive candle and the smudge, and Air as the smoke drifts around your space. They are considered essential ingredients to cleanse any negative energy and bring in positive energy to a person or a space. The crystals are essential for protecting against harmful and negative energies.

All items are ethically and sustainably grown & sourced. Do not leave smudge kit burning unattended. Use with caution and always put out when done cleansing.


  • Votive scented with bergamont, lime & grapefruit
  • White Sage Bundle measures 4" long
  • Palo Santo Stick measures approx 4" long
  • Feather measures approx 4 - 5"
  • Abalone shell measures approx 2.5"
  • Ethically & sustainably grown & sourced