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Who We Work With
Learn about all of the wonderful people and companies that we work with in order to bring you such cool and unique items!

What is Fair Trade
Learn what fair trade is and how it benefits everyone around the world.

Hilltribe Clothing
Find answers to questions all about our clothing line such as where it is made, what materials are used, washing and care instructions, how they fit and more.

Jewelry & Accessories
Find out where our jewelry comes from, how to keep it clean, the benefits of wearing organic materials and more.

Home Decor
Get answers to what types of wood we use, how to keep your decor looking its best, where they are made and more.

Incense & Smudging
Here you can find answers to such questions as how to use incense, what is smudging and if our incense is natural.

Shoulder Bags
Find out how to clean your new bag as well as where they are made and from what materials.

Leather Journals & Bags
Get answers to where our leather items come from and by whom, how to care for the leather, what the paper is made out of and more.

Crystals & Pendulums
Find out what a pendulum is and how to use one as well as where our crystals originate from and how to cleanse them.

Shipping & Returns Policy
Find out how much shipping will cost, how long it could take to receive your parcel, where we ship to, and how to return or exchange an item.