Agate With Druze Polished Point 321gr



Druzy Agate is an enchanting, colorful and shiny crystal that helps you feel balanced and covered with a soothing light and bright energy veil of total harmony and relaxation. This glittery crystal supplies your everyday life with warm loving energies and assists you to diminish stress levels and feel genuinely decompressed. 

The energy emitted by Druzy Agate works on re-aligning and balancing all the chakras in the body. This glittery crystal transmits soothing yet renewing energies that bring back your body, mind, and spirit to a true alignment.

Tapping into the vibrations of this glittery stone empowers you to open up a magnificent gate of self-love and supplies every single energy point in your body with a fresh uplifted spirit that makes you feel greater than any unsettling feelings.

Please note that this is a one of kind piece, item you receive will be as pictured.


  • Measures 9.5cm x 7cm x 3.5cm
  • Made in Brazil
  • Each piece is beautifully unique