Amazonite Tumbled



Amazonite is a stone of both masculine and feminine energies allowing us to see both sides of a problem and different points of view in a discussion. While alleviating worry and fear and soothing emotional trauma, it dispels any negative energy, aggravation and blockages. Amazonite works closely on the Heart Chakra, but it can soothe all other Charkas calming us and enhancing communication.

Affirmation: It is in silence, that I hear all I need to know.

Please note: No two pieces are alike. Each one will slightly vary in size, shape and colour. Product received may not be exactly as shown. If you have specific concerns, please notify us when you place your order.


  • Sign: Virgo
  • Element: Earth & Water
  • Sold individually; price is per one stone
  • Sizing varies; measures approximately 2cm - 4cm
  • From Peru

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    Denise Jackson
    Vibrant Beauty

    The Amazonite I received is such a welcome addition to my rock and mineral collection (family). I have found Amazonite on my property in the form of small stones and pebbles but wasn’t 100% sure until I compared them to this piece I ordered from Hilltribe. I’m happy to say I was correct in my identification and I’m so pleased to have it both in raw and tumbled form now. I would absolutely recommend Hilltribe and this Amazonite to everyone who is considering making a purchase. I am so impressed I may order more in the future. If you aren’t familiar with Amazonite it comes in many shades of green/blue/cream and has lovely inclusions. Many of the pictures you see online are all of the exact same shade of green but in reality there is a lot of variation and it adds to the beauty of the stone. One piece may be bright green while another lime. If you are expecting a specific shade maybe email them to see if they have what your looking for.