Black Obsidian Crescent Moon



This beautiful Black Obsidian Crescent Moon has powerful metaphysical properties that will help to shield and protect you. It is strong enough to form a protective shield around you, absorbing the negative energies while providing deep soul healing. Black Obsidian works extremely fast and with great power. It will shine a light on the negativity while clearing it away, helping you to choose the path leading towards light and love.

Obsidian is a natural glass that is formed from quickly cooled volcanic lava. Being born out of lava, black obsidian has the potent energy of the interaction of several raw elements, including fire & earth. It's categorized as volcanic glass and is very hard and smooth, but it can have incredibly sharp edges. Because it forms a shield against negativity, black obsidian should be cleansed regularly in running water.

Affirmation: I bravely let go and allow the Universe to reveal its beautiful plan for me.

Please note: This is a one of a kind piece.


  • Sign:  Scorpio & Sagittarius
  • Element: Earth and Fire
  • One of a kind
  • From Brazil
  • Measures approximately 12 cm X 5 cm