Moon Phase Frame Drum


Tribal drums, otherwise known as frame drums, are one of the most ancient musical instruments. They have a simple structure with strong spiritual and entertaining effects. 

This drum is made of genuine goat leather skin. Accompany your ceremonies and sacred songs with this beautiful goatskin drum. The phases of the moon are symbols to guide individual personal development. While Dark Moon signifies a moment of calm, a time for reflection and internalization before something begins, Full Moon symbolizes power, clarity, and the ability to bring your plans to fruition. 

Note that these natural leather drums are affected by temperature and humidity fluctuations during shipping. Ideally, store them in a warm dry location and they will acclimatize in approximately 5 days. Tuning is quickly done with a warm hairdryer blown across the drum surface (not too close) - the leather will contract, resulting in a tighter fit.


  • 12" diameter
  • Hand made in Indonesia
  • Protect from temperature extremes
  • Goat skin hide

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (CA)
Beautiful purchase!

I purchased this drum for intentions is use for my ascension reiki classes as well as personal use and it sounds beautiful! Very uniquely hand crafted and great quality! Thank you for providing me with such a beautiful instrument ! Absolutely recommend if you see one to get one! ✨✨💚😊