Chrysocolla Sphere 16cm




The colours of chrysocolla are blue, green and turquoise, it often has inclusions that consist of browns and yellows. The colours in this sphere are reminiscent of looking down at the earth from space.

Best known among Native American's for strengthening the body's resistance and bringing about calm after upset & turmoil, Chrysocolla can enhance creativity, female energy and communication. It can also relieve ulcers and arthritis and as a healing stone it is gentle, soothing and alleviates tension. Excellent for the heart centre to allow flexibility, self-forgiveness, peace and patience. Also for the throat centre, to express feelings and verbal/artistic creativity. Helpful for female disorders.

Please note: This is a one-of-a-kind piece. What you see is exactly what you will receive.

IMPORTANT: Spheres are measured with a measuring tape AROUND the circumference. While there may be a slight variance in the circumference measurement it will be minimal. 



  • Sold individually
  • Weighs approximately 170g
  • Measures 16cm around
  • From Peru