Fidelity New Jade Chip Necklace 36"

Fidelity New Jade Chip Necklace 36"

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The energy of New Jade is soft, gentle and watery like a clear still pool, and is immensely cleansing and detoxifying. It can calm and soothe, bringing tranquility to the user, helping them to relax physically and mentally. Its colour and connection with the Heart Chakra brings gentle support to the immune system, and balance on many levels, including balance of thyroid function.

Not actually jade at all, new jade is actually a type of light green serpentine. The stone earned this trade name for its similarities in appearance to jade as well as similar metaphysical properties. Serpentine gemstones have been used as a source of magnesium, asbestos and for personal adornment or sculpture throughout history. Various serpentine minerals have even been used in architecture for thousands of years. New "jade" and other serpentine minerals are known for being easy to cut and for taking a good polish.

New "jade" serpentine is said to have the same spiritual values as green jade. Because it produces a tranquil mood, it helps ease feelings of depression, especially when we feel stuck in a situation. Serpentine gemstones are said to help with emotional cleansing in general and are believed an excellent stone to use in meditation. Serpentine has long been considered a stone that protects against snakebites, parasite infections, poison and venom. New "jade" serpentine is associated with the heart chakra and the astrological sign of Gemini.


  • Handmade in India
  • 36” long
  • Made from chipped pieces 
  • Stone- New Jade (Serpentine)