Golden Healer and Elephant Pendulum


Golden Healer is beneficial in accessing the highest vibrations. It facilitates the free flow of energy, opens up the consciousness, and helps heal emotions, body and mind. It acts as a catalyst for spiritual development and brings a state of awareness.

The Golden Healer, hand-carved and polished in the form of a six sided polished pointed Pendulum, magnifies prosperity and picks up on subtle vibrations for connection with higher energies. It has a luminous golden yellow color, flowing internal layers and sparkle. This crystal, with its potent healing and stabilizing properties, radiates sun and light energy to all chakras, thus providing a path of enlightenment for higher self-connection, soul alignment and spiritual expansion. It also protects against toxic behaviours and negative emotions. 

This pendulum has the well-loved elephant talisman at the end of the silvery chain to ensure slip-free use. Pendulums are a very unique form of creation to help you connect to your higher self and to guide you in making important decisions in life.  

The stock we receive may fluctuate in size and colour. Product received may not be exactly as shown. If you have specific concerns, please notify us when you place your order. 


  • Natural stone pendulum
  • Measures 25cm from end to end