Himalayan Salt Tealight Oil Diffuser



I am in harmony with the divine power of the universe.

Himalayan Salt is used to purify and clear all the Chakras in our body and is often used in healing ceremonies to clear the air and keep us grounded. It works predominantly with the Heart Chakra, combining the energies of the Sun, Earth, and ancient ocean, it will connect one's heart to the divine love of mother Gaia, wrapping us in a deeply protective embrace of unconditional love.

Our beautiful and functional handcrafted Salt Crystal Diffuser ionizes and helps clean the air as well as diffuse essential oils for extraordinary aromatherapy benefits. All you need is a standard tealight, some water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil! Lie back and relax with warm glow from the salt and the wonderful scent(s) that will surround you. Handcrafted in Pakistan.

Essential oils may be diffused in water or carrier oils such as grape seed or jojoba. Place about 2 oz of water or oil in the glass diffuser plate, being careful not to overfill. Add 5-8 drops of your favourite essential oil, remembering that the thicker the essential oil, the stronger the scent will be so use more or less per your liking.


  • Pure Himalayan Salt rock
  • Tealight not included
  • Each is unique and one of a kind
  • Due to size and/or weight this item is available for in-store pickup only

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Caroline (CA)

Very nice! Just what I wanted.