Mother Nature Essential Oil Blend


Mother Nature is a blend of cedar, lavender and grapefruit oils. Can be used with oil diffusers, worn as perfume and also work beautifully on our aroma dream catchers in your home or your vehicle. Earth's Essence essential oils are hand mixed in Canada from all natural ingredients.

Cedar - calming and purifying
Lavender - calming and regenerating
Grapefruit - invigorating and energizing

Our unique oil blends are made up of both essential and fragrance oils using 100% extra virgin olive oil as the carrier which makes it perfect to apply onto skin.

Monague Native Crafts are designs and creations of Sandi Roy, a registered band member of the Beausoleil First Nations (Ojibway) of Ontario. She combines the traditional teachings with her more contemporary experiences to offer a unique presentation of their interpretations.


  • 10 ml bottle with dropper
  • Made in Canada
  • All natural & pure
  • Synthetic and carcinogenic free
  • Not food grade; do not take orally