Natural Citrine Tumbled



Citrine energises and rejuvenates on every level of life. Whilst cleansing Chakras, it opens up our intuition and attracts wealth and prosperity. Citrine imparts joy, wonder, delight & enthusiasm whilst raising self-esteem & self-confidence. Stimulating & strengthening, Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity & encourages self-expression while enhancing concentration & revitalizing the mind.

Affirmation: The Universe naturally provides for all my needs in abundance.

Natural Citrine crystals are considered highly coveted and precious due to their rarity. Their colour ranges from a delicate pale yellow shade, almost green in colour, to a bold, smoky yellow. While it is uncommon to find deep yellow-orange natural Citrine, there are exceptions. Typically, these crystals maintain their consistent color throughout, although there may be slight variations. On the other hand, heat-treated Citrine often contains white, opaque patches at the base, indicating its original form as Amethyst. While both types can be utilized, natural Citrine is known to possess more intense energy and power.

Please note: No two pieces are alike. Each one will slightly vary in size, shape and colour. Product received may not be exactly as shown. If you have specific concerns, please notify us when you place your order.


  • Sign: Aries, Leo, Libra & Gemini
  • Element: Air
  • Sold individually; per one stone
  • Natural Citrine
  • From Brazil
  • Measures approximately 2-3 cm; sizes vary