Pentacle Etched Selenite Incense Holder


This round incense burner made from Selenite, a stone to bring clarity and cleansing, is engraved with a powerful and beautiful 5 pointed pentacle. The pentacle is used to connect with the four elements plus spirit and is used as a protection amulet.

The pentacle is a symbol of protection. Long ago, it was considered by Pythagoreans as a symbol of beauty and harmony. This cleansing stone clears negative energies, and can be used to reprogram other stones. It is a stone of mental clarity, and improves one’s connection with the divine. Selenite can be used for scrying into the past, present and future.

Simply put your choice of incense stick into the hole in the center of the burner, light the incense and blow out the flame to only have a small ember, watch the smoke fill the room and enjoy the sweet aroma of whichever you choose. 

Caution, keep away from children, use in a well ventilated area. 


  • Measures 3.5" across
  • Hand made in India
  • Never leave incense unattended