Phosphosiderite (Pink Orchid) Pyramid



While this phosphosiderite is pink, others may be colourless, purple, red or red violet. The composition of Phosphosiderite is its namesake after phosphosphorous and the Greek word for iron, "sidero".

Phosphosiderite is a soothing, calming stone that will effectively eliminate stress. It will also bring a gentle and relaxing love energy into your life. This powerful crystal will strengthen your spirituality and help you with your spiritual awakening and healing.

Phosphosiderite is a calming, expansive crystal that opens your eyes to unseen realities and guides you on your spiritual path. This is a must-have for parents of teenagers that need to control their anger.

Phosphosiderite is a rarer healing crystal with many benefits for anxiety, spirituality, relationships, and meditation. When you first hold this crystal, you will feel it working with your heart almost immediately. It gives calming, loving energy to anyone that holds it.


  • Rare and powerful crystal
  • 4 sided pyramid
  • measures 5cm x 5cm
  • Weighs 82g