Quartz~Selenite~ Palo Santo~Sage Smudge Kit



Sage is a holy plant that has been used for centuries to cleanse negative energies and smudging (purification). Palo Santo is a holy wood also used for smudging for centuries. The smoke from burning the Sage and Palo Santo releases the undesirable energy from any place, person or thing. As the smoke fades away, the negative energies vanish, bringing serenity to your space. Selenite is powerful enough to also clear negative energies and reprogram other crystals. Selenite can help you expand your awareness and contact your spirit guides. Rub the stone for help to enter the realm of dreams, intuition and meditative state. The insight it provides is valuable in any healing treatment. 

Also included is a Raw Clear Quartz, the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. Found worldwide, it absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

To cleanse using Sage or Palo Santo, start by opening all doors and windows. Burn the stick and let smoke, you may also put in an abalone shell, start the cleanse from the entrance carrying on from each room. Put a lot of focus in areas that feel heavy. Crystals pick up energy around them constantly, therefore, it is recommended to cleanse crystals before setting an intention, to receive pure energy and the highest vibrations. To cleanse a crystal, fully enfold it in smoke of the holy plant. Resting your small crystal on the selenite stick will remove negative energy and amplify the vibrations and energy of the crystals. 



  • Made In Canada
  • White Sage Bundle Measures 5" long
  • Palo Santo Stick Measures approx 4" long
  • Selenite Ruler Measures 4" long
  • Raw Clear Quartz stone included
  • Fair trade product

    *Do not leave smudge kit burning unattended, Use with Caution and always put out when done cleansing.