Organic Spearmint Essential Oil


Spearmint Essential oil is cleansing and uplifting, and the aroma will help sharpen the senses. For bringing alertness, a drop or more can be inhaled directly from a handkerchief, or the oil can be used in a diffuser. Spearmint is also considered an excellent headache remedy - rubbing a small amount into the temples can be effective. Spearmint oil is considered the more gentle version of Peppermint oil making it suitable for use with children and others who may find peppermint too strong. 

Our Spearmint essential oil comes available in 10 ml bottles with a dropper insert. For an uplifting blend, try a ratio of 4 drops peppermint oil, 4 drops spearmint oil, 5 drops lavender oil and 5 drops lemon oil. This can help bring alertness during study or long hours at work!

Our line of pure essential and fragrance oils are made in Elora, Ontario by a small, family run company. The Essential Oil line is 100% pure without any additives or dilution. The Fragrance Oil line is named as such due to the addition of Jojoba or Almond Oil as a base carrier. This is done in an effort to keep costs down or because the oil without dilution would be a thick tar like mass. It is recommended that anybody with a nut allergy should stay away from this line as a precaution. Rest assured that there are not any carcinogens or synthetics in this line.



  • 10 ml bottle with dropper
  • Made in Canada
  • All natural & pure
  • Synthetic and carcinogenic free
  • Not food grade; do not take orally