Goloka California White Sage Aroma Oil

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Sage (salvia apiana) is from the latin word "salvare", which means to heal.  This lovely oil is made from California sage, gives a positive boost to closed spaces, neutralizes smoke and other odours. It is also known to bring protection against all forms of negativity and purifies sacred spaces. Sage promotes wisdom, clarity, attracts prosperity and aids in healing the body, mind and soul. 


  • For Aroma Diffuser
  • For External Use Only
  •  10ml bottle
  • Not For Application On Skin

Customer Reviews

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Jeffery Behm
Smells so good.

I bought this because I love the smell of sage and wanted a sage oil to use on my skin.
This oil, gave me a very pleasant surprise, while it doesn't quite have the full sage smell I was looking for , it did give me an all new sage mixed with spice like smell, I fell in love with it right away and use it everyday after I shower . Now I smell so good.
Absolutely love it .
Thank you Hilltribe
Much Love