Key + Bell Protection Chime


These protection bells are sure to add cheer and magick to any home. Protection bells have been used for centuries for protection to repel evil spirits, negative energies and for evoking good energies into a space. The clear sound of the bells is said to be a spiritual language spoken to the spirit world. You can hang these bells where ever you need some extra protection from their gentle jingle, whether it is a door, doorknob, car mirror, wreath or in your sacred space. More bells, more protection. 

“Guard my home, Bells on the Door, 
Let only blessings walk on this Floor, 
Block all evil and the Dark Arts,
May only Good approach our hearts.“

This beautiful protection bell chime features a gold coloured antique skeleton key, pentacle, and triquetra, with eight silver metal bells attached by black rope.

Bells: Because of the vibratory nature of bells they are an extremely effective form of spiritual cleansing. The sound of a bell continues to resonate far beyond the time that you can actually hear it. Bronze, having its own metaphysical properties, is known to clear negative energy and bring good luck. Because these bells are made of Iron and Bronze they are working double time to bring you protection.
Key of Hecate: Symbolizes knowledge, attracts positive energies and helps to open doors of opportunity. Hecate is known as the Goddess of magic and the keeper of keys. Protecting us and lighting the way ahead. 
Black Rope: The color black is the most grounding colour on the planet. It is used as a shielding and protective color. Black has a long standing association with mystery, transformation and magic, absorbing negative energy and protectecting against harm and negativity.

Hand Made for you with intentions of protection and good luck. Packed carefully with love and lots of positive energy!


  • Antique skeleton key measures 3.25" H x 1" L
  • Pentacle measures 1" round
  • Triquetra measures 1" round
  • Metal bells measure 0.5" round
  • Rope attached to bells measures 3" long
  • Entire chime is approx. 12" L

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Yvonne (CA)
The key to a little jingle!

My daughter will LOVE this gift for Christmas - it's sooo beautiful and I can't wait until she opens it up on Christmas morning. LOVE HILLTRIBE - such a cool shop with warm, wonderful customer service!